November 27th

Bangladesh, you were beautiful and tragically real. Heartbreaking and healing. In so many ways. There are so many experiences and so many stories that I have yet to put into words, that I have yet to make tangible and release into this world. It is never easy to walk away from a crisis, especially one of this magnitude, and effortlessly return to the ease of the life you temporarily leave behind. There is always an adjustment, sometimes it happens quietly and subtly, and¬†other times it is a full rebellion against anything and everything. There is so much work left to be done and such a significant need for continued support. Shortly after the New Year I will board another plane that will take me back to that corner of the world where I plan to spend more time providing healthcare services and midwifery support to the people and the midwives who need it the most. Until then it is a practice of being present with where I am and who I am with. It is an effort and intent on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing.’23905438_1664467500242454_1571808697158259844_n

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